vore.website is a minimal web-based rss/atom feed reader. - subscribe to feeds - view posts chronologically - save stuff that interests you no unread indicators, no choresome tagging system - no bullshit. vore.website is free for anyone to use, and will never be turned into a vehicle for profit. <3 j3s ===CHANGELOG=== 2024-04-29 i have save support & reworked the UI a little vore "saves" work like so: - you click save - the post title + link are saved to db - the post is archived via archive.is - the archive link is saved to the db this way, anything that you save _should_ be available basically indefinitely. i wanted a way to save nice posts & prevent link rot - the vore save feature is a convenient way to do that. 2024-04-20 forest prompted me to dig into why vore's performance was so shitty - i dug in & uncovered an infinite loop bug in the rss library i was using! the bug has been reported & squashed everything should be fast again! 2024-01-21 hey ya'll, sorry for that outage! i was on vacation & when i got back, work was on fire. this is the first actually free moment i've had for awhile. i'm so happy that so many of you use this website, i feel very grateful for your presence.